By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Apple Watch has been on the wrists of reviewers for a couple weeks now. So, is the device that starts at $350 and reaches $17,000 a winner?

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‘Bliss, but only after a steep learning curve,’ sums up The New York Times. Reviewer Farhad Manjoo says it took four days, but Watch ‘became something like a natural extension’ of his body — his wife calling it a ‘blessing’ that he wasn’t getting ‘lost’ in his phone as much as in the past.

Sentiments from CNET’s Scott Stein?

“It’s not something you need. I think it’s something that’s intriguing that could be useful. It could also be a little bit of a tech toy if you get it at one of the entry-level prices.”

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The Wall Street Journal laments its ‘stuttery’ software. Bloomberg’s reviewer is distracted by the vibrations that tell you through taps about new messages, and is annoyed that the screen comes on ‘only when it thinks you’re looking at it.’

Stein says as far as smartwatches go, it’s top of the crop:

“It really does act like an extension of your phone. Being able to receive calls, respond to messages.”

But The Verge cautions ‘it’s not anywhere close to being an actually-powerful communications tool, especially not when it’s competing with the phone in your pocket.’

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Apple Watch goes on pre-order on Friday.