By Kristina Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Texting, email, Facebook, Twitter are just a few options that offer a quick and easy way to get a message to someone, but who doesn’t love getting a good old fashioned letter in the mail?

That is just one option the blog Chrystina Noel says is a great way to “stay connected.”

She says, “As far back as middle school I remember being a people connector. I was able to sit at a lunch table with a group of people who didn’t know each other and was somehow able to connect each of them through various activities and life events.”

And one of the best ways to connect people? Party hosting, Chrystina says.

“When I got to high school, I was the one hosting most of the parties. Once a month my friends would gather for a potluck dinner and do the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” in my living room. Also, I went to a different high school than the friends I grew up with, so if I wanted to stay in touch I had to make an effort. I used my skills of connecting people, sending over-sized cards, and hosting parties to keep these relationships strong. And to this day those are some of my best friends.”

But it wasn’t until after college that Chrystina began blogging.

“It seemed like the perfect way to stay connected with people and share greeting card and party hosting inspiration.”

Since then, she says blogging has changed her life both personally and professionally.

“Through the e-courses I’ve taken, conferences I’ve attended, and blog comments I have gotten to know dozens of other bloggers from around the world. In addition, I also started a blogger meet-up group called PHLBloggers for lifestyle, design, and small business bloggers to network and improve upon our blogging skills. Getting the chance to get to know some of these folks within my own city has made Philadelphia, and the interwebs, feel even more like home.”

She adds, “Professionally, my blog and readership inspired me to open an online greeting card shop. It’s been a great adventure and has taught me a lot about both myself and what it takes to start a business.”

card making

As for the future, Chrystina says, “My next project is to write an e-book about how to stay in touch with people. The working title is “How to Stay in Touch: A Guide to Networking for Genuine People.” It talks about why people should stay in touch, the fears people have that keep them from staying in touch and how it can be easier than you think to make it happen. I’ve also thought about writing an e-book about icebreaker games, but we’ll see how this one turns out first.”

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