By Dom Giordano

By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Teens at North Penn High School in Lansdale are under investigation for allegedly sharing naked photos of dozens of teen girls using the file sharing site DropBox.

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Montgomery County District Attorney, Risa Ferman told Talk Radio 1210 WPHT midday host Dom Giordano that she is stunned that some of, if not all of, the girls thought that those photos were going to stay private.

“On what planet do you send potentially a naked photograph to a teenage boy and think it’s private? If you share images like this, you have to in this day and age, no matter who you are, expect that they have the potential to get out into the public domain. Just look at the Jennifer Lawrence situation. She had photos reportedly on her own phone and it was hacked.”

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While she feels that the girls should have known better, Ferman insists that that does not take away from what the boys allegedly did.

“I would much rather be in a situation where we don’t have to deal with any of it, because teenagers make the right choices about what they’re going to share and understand the significance of oversharing.”

She is well aware that oversharing is not just a problem that the North Penn High School or even high schools in general are facing, but instead we experience it in all corners of our society.

“I think that’s a real collateral consequence of this world that we live in where not just teenagers, far too many people just share everything electronically and on social media without a whole lot of thought to what it looks like and who might see it or have access to it that you don’t want to. We see it everyday, the ill conceived tweet or Facebook post or image that’s shared.“

Even though she could not go into the specifics of the case, Ferman attempted to broadly compare this case to cases that her office generally has.

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“I know that I’ve talked many times about the cases that we have generally, they’re unfortunately by people who just do foolish things and sometimes the investigations where in the end we’re not charging, but someone is subject to embarrassment, shame and humiliation for something that they put out there without thinking.”