PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Monsignor William Lynn had become a household name, not only in Philadelphia, but around the nation.

KYW reporters Tony Hanson and Steve Tawa were detailing his fall from grace and arrival at the Criminal Justice Center. It was 3 years ago that Monsignor Lynn went on trial in connection with years of alleged sexual abuse by priests in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

As Archdiocese Secretary for the Clergy, Lynn had been responsible for clerical assignments. Other priests had faced trial in the growing sexual abuse scandals, but Monsignor Lynn was the highest ranking among them.

He also became the first church official to be convicted not for abuse of children, but for covering up the actions of others. His conviction was subsequently overturned by an appeals court.

To this day, an attempt by the District Attorney to recharge him rests with the state Supreme Court.