By Justin Udo

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Peirce College is implementing a new program in an effort to make going to class a little bit easier.

Some colleges offer courses online, some offer them in person, but Peirce College, in center city Philadelphia, is looking to change that format altogether.

“You can choose from meeting-to-meeting of that course whether you want to attend on campus or online.”

Peirce College president Jim Mergiotti says the average age of their student is 35 years old, so adding this option will make going to class a little easier for the working adult.

“The attendance rates were much improved. We had an absentee rate a little over 10 percent and actually in the pilot that absentee rate was reduced to less than two percent.”

Peirce is one of the first colleges in the country that’s offering this kind of class scheduling.