By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A reception was held today for a group of students from the other side of the planet, visiting Philadelphia to study the effects of global warming, through a partnership between the Academy of Natural Sciences and the National Museum of Mongolia.

Two groups of students, from Philadelphia and Mongolia, have been working online together to study the effects of global warming.  And now, five teens from Mongolia are visiting Philadelphia until the end of this month.

Jackie Genovisi, vice president of education at the Academy of Natural Sciences, says despite the 12-hour time difference, the girls were able to connect on Skype and Facebook about lots of topics of interest: “the different holidays they celebrate, about their families, different things about culture.  So it was wonderful to see when the Mongolian girls got to Philadelphia, it was almost like they already knew each other.”

DaiJzanaee Martinez, a junior here in Philadelphia, says it’s been a great cultural experience.  She says she has learned that Mongolian students aren’t much different from her and her friends:

“I used to think that they were living in yurts and stuff, but no — they live in homes and everything, they have the same clothes that we have. It’s just a little difference,” she said.

Five students from Philadelphia will travel to Mongolia in July, all this through the federal “Museums Connect” program.