By Rich Zeoli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Former Dallas Cowboy and Hall of Fame Quarterback Roger Staubach joined Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT in advance of a dinner honoring Admiral Tom Lynch at the Union League for his support of the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia on April 9th. He also commented on some of the latest happenings in the NFL, including the Eagles signing of former Cowboys Running Back DeMarco Murray.

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Staubach thinks Murray will do very well playing with the Eagles next season.

“The reason they signed DeMarco is that he fits more into Coach Kelly’s type of offense. He is a north/south type runner. He’s a great kid too, DeMarco, and he had a fantastic year last year. I think he averaged over five yards a carry or something like that. That hurt us. Philadelphia, they were able to pick up a great runner and also pick him up from Dallas. We know that Philadelphia’s got their eyes on the Cowboys.”

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He noted that he is pleased with the progress the league has made regarding concussions.

“They’ve done quite a bit since the old days. I had a number of concussions where I was totally knocked out, then you have a few dingers where you get confused for a while. Being knocked out, there wasn’t even MRI’s back in those days but there were CAT scans. They really didn’t do much about a concussion. They looked at it. If you’re feeling good the next day, hey, you’re fine. Today, they’re giving the MRI. So, they’re doing a lot more. They’re bench marking if you’re really young. Hopefully, you get that first concussion and you have it bench marked and if you get another one then they can see the healing process that goes on in the brain.”

Staubach also defended New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to sit in Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones’ private box late last season.

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“You’ve got to admire Chris. Politicians try to please everybody instead of trying to be who they are. At least he stayed consistent, staying with the Cowboys. You’ve got to at least admire him for that. He’s not going to throw you under the bus.”