By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Since the Eagles dealt away Nick Foles to acquire Sam Bradford, speculation has grown regarding whether or not Bradford was really the player that Chip Kelly was trusting to be his franchise quarterback.

While Kelly has not yet said that Bradford would be his quarterback for 1,000 years, he has defended the move and made it clear before introducing Bradford that he was not “a chip.”

Kelly made another endorsement for Bradford from the NFL Annual Meetings where he sat down with NFL Network.

“I think Sam has an outstanding skill set as a quarterback,” Kelly said during the interview. “The only knock on Sam is that he got hurt.”

Kelly was referencing that torn ACL Bradford suffered last season (his second) which kept him off the field for the Rams.

The Eagles head coach is convinced that the injury is the only reason he was able to snag Bradford.

“If he hadn’t gotten hurt, I don’t believe he ever would have been in a situation where he was up for trade.

“It’s not something where you can say he’s brittle or this is his situation, but when you look at all the great quarterbacks…Peyton Manning has missed a year. Tom Brady has missed a year. Drew Brees has missed a year.”

To conjure up those names when discussing Bradford is a strong endorsement by Kelly. He added that he is confident that the Eagles training staff can help Bradford in his rehab and ultimately get him back to the form he achieved as the top player in the draft.