By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It has been no secret that LeSean McCoy felt slighted in the way he was traded away from the Eagles to the Bills. Poor communication seemed to lead to McCoy finding out about his trade in the media and not directly from Chip Kelly.

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Despite the way it ended, McCoy has seemed to move on and sounds happy to be a Bill. However, he did take an opportunity to get in a quick jab against his former team.

McCoy was a guest on The Rich Eisen Show and he described the Eagles signings of Ryan Mathews and DeMarco Murray as a “panic move.”

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“I think it worked out for myself,” McCoy said while on with Eisen. McCoy was asked if it was weird to him that it appeared like money might have been a motive for the Eagles to move him, but they were still able to afford to sign Murray.

“I thought about that a little bit,” McCoy said. “I didn’t understand it. I should say that. And Chip, I think is a really good coach. I think this is something different for him kind of managing both.”

McCoy also commented on the Eagles courting of other running backs after his departure.

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“I see that they originally were trying to get Frank Gore and he backed out so then when they got DeMarco and they got Ryan Mathews I thought it was like a panic move.” McCoy added that the media pressure in Philadelphia might have influenced the Eagles to do something to make up for the loss of McCoy and the failed attempt at Gore.