By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Friday, Josh Innes and Tony Bruno were joined by Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin. The former Cowboy discussed several of the major headlines being made regarding the Eagles and the Cowboys this off-season.

Irvin first shared his thoughts on the controversial signing of Greg Hardy by the Cowboys. Hardy only played one game last season due to legal proceedings that dealt with alleged domestic violence and he faces further discipline going into this season.

“I believe that people do deserve another opportunity,” Irvin said of the signing of Hardy. “I also believe that, and Jerry [Jones] has to be careful here because of the message that could possibly be sent.”

LISTEN: Michael Irvin joins Josh Innes and Tony Bruno

Irvin explained that a player like Hardy could cause some division among players in the locker room and that the Cowboys would have to rely on strong leadership to make sure that it does not become a problem.

Irvin also got into his personal relationship with Eagles fans.

“I have no issue whatsoever with Philadelphia Eagles fans,” Irvin explained. “I feel that they are a lot like me so I have an appreciation for that.

“They are passionate people; passionate people that love their football and I’ve always understood that.”

Irvin even addressed the infamous moment where Eagles fans were seemingly cheering as he lied hurt on the turf at Veterans Stadium.

“I’ve always said those people were not cheering thinking I’m hurt,” Irvin said. “I believe they were saying, this dude’s been killing us for ten years, but I love the passion. That’s how I play.”

Irving also had to address the newest Eagles running back, and former Cowboy, DeMarco Murray. Some experts are saying the high amount of carries that Murray had last season in Dallas will negatively impact him this season as an Eagle.

“I do not buy that theory,” Irvin said. “Never has that guy gone to a place like DeMarco Murray has gone now,” Irving explained regarding people comparing Murray to past backs that have dealt with such a high workload.

“[The Eagles] are going to spread the field now, line DeMarco up and hand him off the ball. Do you guys understand what just happened when you took DeMarco Murray?”

“You took the leading rusher, the rushing champ from last year, so every team that comes in next year, their primary concern is going to be to stop the run. Everybody else is playing chess. Now [Chip Kelly] can play checkers because I know you’re going to have to stop this run.

“Out of a spread open offense, I think [Murray] can have huge, huge success in Philly.”

Irvin also explained what Murray’s departure means for his former team. “I thought Dallas had an opportunity to do something special over the next few years and I felt that opportunity walked out the door with DeMarco Murray.”