By Paul Kurtz

RADNOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Villanova University‘s men’s basketball team was given a big sendoff this morning to the NCAA tournament.

Players and coaches smiled and waved to cheering students and alumni as they boarded the team bus for Pittsburgh, Pa.  It was a moment that coach Jay Wright hoped his boys would savor.

“Coaches, we get to do this a lot,” Wright mused.  “When you’re a player, you only get four chances to do this, so you want make sure that the players enjoy every part of it.  And for a player to have their fellow students out here and you guys (news media), it’s a big deal.  And I want them to enjoy that.”

This is also a big deal for Wildcats fans looking for a trip to the Final Four.

“Last year it was kind of deflating losing in the first round to Seton Hall,” said one young man today, “but this year we come in completely confident. We’re very excited to prove everybody wrong.  Somehow we are a ‘Cinderella’ as a #1 seed, but we invented the Cinderella thing.  So….”