PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dom Giordano talked to legal adviser and political consultant Lanny Davis on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s decision to use a private email address to conduct her business as Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term.

Davis stated this is something that everyone in Washington does and said this is nothing more an effort to attack the Clintons.

“Everybody’s got private emails. There’s not a single member of Congress who I know and I work with or have been friends with who don’t give me their private emails. Private emails are private emails, and everybody knows that there is a difference. If there is a gray area where she turned over something that was private email that should’ve been official business; we wouldn’t have this debate if she had used the two devices that everybody wanted her to use, right?”

He asserted that Secretary Clinton is being treated differently than her Republican predecessors for political reasons.

“I do raise a question about the double standard. I understand that Colin Powell is no longer Secretary of State, but nobody asked him in the headlines…He could’ve used official State Department email, and he didn’t, and he gave a good answer, the same one that Hillary Clinton gave.”

Davis also said this partisan flare-up will have no real impact moving forward.

“If you look at the long term, the question of whether she should have used one or two Blackberries — which she now says if she had it to do all over again she would’ve used two — is not going to determine who the Democratic nominee [will be in 2016]. It’s certainly not going to determine who our next President is.”