By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Let’s hope the cold and snow is gone for now but, before winter’s completely out of sight and mind, I want to tell you about the new snow shovel I got this year and how much I love it.

It’s a double-handled shovel sleigh that you don’t have to lift, it glides over snow so you can move and dump heavy loads easily. It’s called a sleigh shovel for the shape of its bottom that slides across snow like a sled, instead of throwing shovels full of heavy snow as you clear pathways.

Why am I telling you about a snow shovel in a garden report? Because I used mine to move many mini mountains of snow all the way across my lawn and put snow next to plants that want the water, such as trees that enjoy extra moisture, like my Bald Cypress, and shrubs I planted just last fall, which will benefit from the extra snow melt this spring.

With this handy shovel sleigh, I cleared the drive umpteen times this winter, spared my back, and was easily able to place loads of snow all around my garden, exactly where it can do the most good as it melts.