By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the kids are home from school today, what were parents doing to keep them occupied?

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Some parents spent their snow day out of the house, playing at Nest, a commercial playspace in center city Philadelphia.

The moms and dads there had some suggestions of ways to pass the time with kids on a snow day.

“If possible, we like to go outside and play in the snow,” said one mother.  “Snowmen, snowballs, snow angels.”

“We do have a lot of art supplies,” said another, “so we just get out bags of stuff and can come up with some kind of art project.”

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“He likes to cook, so a little bit of mixing. That’s always good if you bake,” said a third parent.

And this mom admits she has more ideas than energy:

“Well, theoretically, what I would do is bake brownies and make hot chocolate and build a fort, and eat our brownies and hot chocolate while we watch Mary Poppins in the fort.”

(Kuznits:)  “That sounds amazing.”

(Mother:)  “I know! Wouldn’t it be, if it actually happened?”

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