By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A focus on neighborhood schools is at the heart of Philadelphia schools chief William Hite’s plan for next year.

Superintendent William Hite’s plan calls for reorganizing schools into eight geographic networks, and adding three others focusing on turnaround, alternative and innovative schools.

“We’re really looking at a reinvestment in neighborhood schools that are open to all students,” Hite says. “And that’s critically important because the vast majority of our students are in neighborhood schools.”

The 55-page plan continues Hite’s goals of having all 8-year-olds reading at grade level, and all high schoolers graduating college or career-ready.

The price tag? Hite is requesting $103 million more from the city and $206 million more from the state.

“The ‘ask’ is for those investments,” he says. “And for the investments that are the types of things that will support this plan. So that’s already included in the five-year plan. That’s that $300 million that I’ve asked for.”

The district is still banking on $49 million in labor concessions — although that effort is currently before the state supreme court.