By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Angelo Cataldi is a Mush. His latest victim? Jay Wright’s No. 4 ranked Villanova Wildcats.

Cataldi explained that he plans to attend Nova’s final regular season game on Saturday against St. John’s. Wright, unprompted, called into the 94WIP Morning Show on Tuesday morning and asked Cataldi not to jinx his team.

“I’ll be seeing you Saturday, courtside my friend!” Cataldi told Wright.

Listen: Jay Wright on the 94WIP Morning Show


“Please, for me, not show up. Please?” Wright asked. “I’ve always told you, I’ll come on [your radio show] anytime. The greatest thing about coaching in Philadelphia is we can listen to you in the morning talk about the Eagles, talk Phillies, I love it. But if the musings of your mind ever entered Villanova basketball or college basketball, we’d all be dead. We couldn’t handle it.”

“Let’s come to an agreement here,” Cataldi said. “I will not attend the game and bring my negative karma to Villanova. Is it OK if I follow you from afar because I think you have a chance to do something very special in the next month or so.”

“Yeah, if you stay out of any buildings that we play in, I would really appreciate the following,” Wright said.

“Is it OK if he listens on the radio in the car, in the parking lot?” 94WIP Morning Show co-host Al Morganti joked.

“I’ve seen what he does to teams in our area. I’ve seen it,” Wright said. “Please, it’s a personal favor. Please!”

In all seriousness, the 27-2 regular season Big East Champion Villanova Wildcats, have a chance to do something special this season. Wright acknowledged that.

“I do, I like this team,” Wright said. “That’s why I’m calling. I like this team, that’s how good I feel.”