By Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Four family members, including newlyweds, all of them dead.

They all drowned while vacationing in the Dominican Republic with about a dozen family members.

They died in the waters off Macao Beach on the east end of the Island.

“It’s really heartbreaking,” said cousin Dhrupad Patel.

From their home in Northeast Philadelphia the Patel family gathered to remember their loved ones who died Sunday afternoon.

“They were beautiful. I love them.”

Dad Summant Patel broke down in tears.

He was holding a picture of his recently married son Kush and his daughter-in-law Kajal.

‘I can’t say anything. I lost my son,” said Summant Patel.

Their cousins also drowned.

Shivang and Jay Patel who are brothers were also swept under by heavy rip currents as they tried to save the couple who were struggling.

A picture was posted on Twitter showing the aftermath.

According to a Dominican newspaper, the group was in an area prohibited to swimmers because of the rip currents.

But family members say they are being told there were no signs warning the victims to stay away.

Shivang’s girlfriend and Jay’s wife were among those who watched the awful scene unfold.

“The eight of them outside they were just watching. It was like in the seconds of time, they disappear,” said cousin Dhrupad Patel.

According to family, the three men all went to Temple University.

Kush, who was raised in Philadelphia and Kajal lived in the Princeton area.

They got married in November.

“We saw the wedding, it was beautiful,” said cousin Dhrupad Patel.

Jay Patel leaves behind a wife and a two-month-old baby boy.

“People who knew, they tried to give them CPR, but it was too late,”said cousin Dhrupad Patel.

The family tells Eyewitness News the victims knew how to swim.

Family members are now in the process of bringing the bodies back to our area for a funeral.