PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chris Stigall talked to former Senator and current President of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint, on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT from the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC.

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DeMint commented that he strongly opposes the FCC’s ruling regarding net neutrality.

“This is one of those things people are not going to know how serious it is until several years later. The internet is one of those things that’s working in our country really well because the government has not been involved with it. Net neutrality is such a lousy name for something that really will mess up the internet.”

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He believes that government intrusion into the marketplace ends up always benefiting the largest corporations, at the expense of everything else.

“It’s the consumer that gets hurt. We lose all the innovation. We lose the competition. The little guys can’t compete anymore once you get a big regulatory structure around it. That’s why you see the Wall Street banks, they love Dodd Frank. They say they hate it, but it actually pushes out the community banks and the smaller banks around the country. The big hospitals like Obamacare. The big pharmaceuticals like Medicare Part D. So the big companies, the big chronies, this is our warpath right now, is big government is allied with big unions, big corporations, big banks, and the little guy, the hard working American taxpayer is getting left out.”

DeMint wants conservative Republicans working to reverse the trend of consolidation and thinks most Americans will benefit in the long term.

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“Opportunity for all, favoritism for none. The conservative promise to America is that our ideas, our policies will create opportunity for everyone and we can prove it. You look at more education choice, what the states our doing, it helps the poor, the rich, the disadvantaged, the Hispanics, the African-Americans. It helps everyone.”