By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Ice jammed rivers and bays have impacted freighters and tankers, but getaway seekers have also been feeling the effects.

We’ve seen the amazing pictures of Coast Guard ice breakers opening channels on frozen rivers, bays and the Great Lakes. But for those of us who aren’t piloting a large commercial ship and just want to get from point to point in a straight line, there’s been some challenge, if the line involves a body of water. There have been cancellations and schedule changes from Cape May to Boston for ferries and water taxis that normally operate through the winter. In New York, it’s a major form of daily transportation for locals and visitors. It does cause concern.

“I do worry about what they’ll do if it’s snowing,” says one East River Ferry rider, “and freezing and weather.”

If you’re planning to use ferries or water taxis in the next few weeks, navigate first to their web sites. They are posting advisories on what’s running and what’s not.


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