PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano spoke with Penn State graduate Lisa Aiello DeLeon on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

DeLeon sent a tweet to ESPN’s Keith Olbermann on Twitter over the weekend regarding the over $13 million raised for cancer research by Penn State’s Thon. Olbermann’s response to DeLeon and other Penn State Alumni led ESPN to suspend him for a week.

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DeLeon said she thought the fundraiser is something Olbermann, who has been critical of Penn State’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, should know about.

“When I saw it online, posted, the amount — I don’t know, maybe it’s just only me — but I thought of Keith Olbermann. I thought this could be some factual information to share with him and maybe either enlighten him on, this is some of the good we do here at Penn State that started in the 70’s. You really can’t say anything bad about it. I wasn’t really requiring a response from him or asking for a response. I just figured, you know, take this into consideration.”

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Olbermann, who said he didn’t read the story she sent him, responded, ‘pitiful,’ and then engaged in a back and forth with other followers on Twitter. DeLeon thinks his actions were unnecessary.

“Either way you look at it, I don’t really think any of his responses are appropriate. Whether he’s talking about the student body, who is raising the funds, or he’s talking about the student body or the university just in general.”

She also stated it is not right that Penn State has been so tarnished by the Sandusky affair.

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“To think that it’s just black and white and that’s all that we should be known for and that’s all we’re going to be known for the next 20 years and we’re drinking from the Happy Valley cool aid if we don’t believe this, that kind of stuff, that hits really close to home and I don’t think is very fair.”