WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) – A three-year-old New Castle County girl is safe at home after being allegedly abducted by her father and taken to Massachusetts.

Elinor Trotta is happy to be home after a long ordeal. She was reunited with her mother, Dawn Barkus, last night.

On Tuesday afternoon, the FBI located the child, unharmed, in Spencer, Massachusetts – less than 24 hours after she’d been abducted.

“I have no words for it — I just broke down when I saw her,” Barkus said.

“She’s glad to be home, and that’s all she kept saying,” Barkus added.

The girl and her father had been the subject of an Amber Alert search since Monday night.

“It was beautiful,” Barkus said of the reunion.

Elinor’s father, Michael Trotta, was arrested without incident and is being held without bail in Massachusetts. He’s awaiting extradition.

Authorities say Trotta allegedly abducted his daughter after attacking Barkus on Monday night.

As for little Elinor, Mom says she’s getting back to normal.

“She seems okay; she was back to her normal self last night in the hotel,” Barkus said.