PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Rich Zeoli talked to former federal prosecutor Sydney Powell on Talk Radio 1210 about what she says are out control federal prosecutors that file charges against political enemies.

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Powell says the Department of Justice has lost sight of what they are supposed to be doing.

“A prosecutor is supposed to be fair and seek justice instead of convictions. We’ve had an increasing of what I call politicization and weaponization of every agency that is part of the Department of Justice. They’re going after political targets to the point where they’re even willing to make up crimes and make up facts and hide evidence that shows people are innocent just to target CEOs or CFOs or whoever they’re in the mood to target.”

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She stated the DOJ has been going down the wrong path for a long time but has gotten much worse since President Obama has taken office.

“It’s been absolutely appalling to me and completely shocking. I would never believe what I’ve seen in the last few years, especially in this administration. The problem, frankly, is bi-partisan. The system has been abused by more than one administration, but this one is by far the worst I’ve ever seen, and we’ve got to fix it. There should be a bi-partisan, non-partisan, unilateral fix to the problem because it affects everyone across the socio-economic spectrum.”

Powell specifically targeted Attorney General Eric Holder for not punishing prosecutors who she claims are known to abuse their power.

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“Holder protects corrupt prosecutors. He’s refused to even release the names of the prosecutors who’ve been identified pursuant to Freedom of Information Act requests of the department itself from the department’s own records as having committed reckless or intentional violations that amount to perjury or obstruction of justice, and he won’t even release their names.”