By Kristen Johanson

By Kristen Johanson

TRENTON, N.J., (CBS) — New Jersey Governor Christie delivered his annual budget address Tuesday afternoon during a session of lawmakers in Trenton, and Democrats responded.

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Governor Christie proposed a $33.8 billion dollar budget and said the state is spending the most on health benefits and pensions.

“It means that during this administration, we will have contributed more in total to the pension system than any other administration in New Jersey history, by nearly double,” said Gov. Christie.

Democratic leaders knocked the speech, claiming the focus was put too much on pension reform. Majority Leader Lou Greenwald criticized the Governor’s words.

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“I don’t think there is any creditor in the world that will come to you and thank you for making a part of your mortgage payment. The pension payment is a full obligation that must be paid.”

Democratic leaders criticize Christie for not focusing on other issues, such as transportation funding and higher education.

“It is the beginning of a process in the budget. But this speech was not really a budget speech, it turned into a pension reform speech,” said Majority Speaker Vincent Prieto.

Democrats say the only way to ease the tension of the pension system is to raise taxes on the wealthy, but Christie vetoed that measure last year.

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Democrats say they need to go over the budget and look at other cuts the Governor wants to make.