By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Free water ice, everyone. All over the roads, the walkways, parking lots, steps, etc. No flavors except “ouch,” if you end up slipping on it.

Air temperatures struggle past the freezing mark today, but the ground is very stubborn to give up the chill. Anything done outside — walking, driving, even standing needs to be done with a lot of thought to what you’re on or about to be on.

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Later in the afternoon, the temperatures keep their valiant battle to rise above freezing to around 40 degrees. That should help melt some of what is down there from our overperforming Saturday snow.

Then, the refreeze begins tonight with temperatures dropping to 19 degrees and staying below freezing on Monday.

So keep doing what you’re doing: being smart about travel, paying your heating bill, checking on your friends and neighbors, keeping your pets inside and filling up the bird feeders. That should keep us busy, until spring. Ah, spring and cherry water ice.