By R.J. McKay

Angel Corella, the artistic director of Pennsylvania Ballet, gives an overview of “Swan Lake,” performed March 5th through the 15th at the Academy of Music.

“Well, the great thing about this ‘Swan Lake’ is it’s a completely different approach. It’s a story of almost like a Degas painting — how in France in the 1920s, this man dreams of performing the ‘Swan Lake,’ and he’s working in the studio, and he gets involved so much that he starts to feel, and he starts to go through the whole story without knowing that it’s not true,” Corella explains.

And there is another difference in this version.

“It’s from the point of the view of the prince, instead of from the swan, and how the prince has to deal with all those emotions, like having to get married because…a statue tells him that he has to.”

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