By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A plan to encourage Philadelphia restaurants to recycle their food waste received final approval today in City Council.

The vote was unanimous as Council approved a bill that gives restaurants the option of using a separate dumpster just for food waste that would be turned into compost.

Currently, all eateries grind their food waste through a disposal unit.

“This will allow commercial establishments to have less frequent pick-ups,” noted councilman-at-large Denny O’Brien, the sponsor of the bill. “You won’t have the odors, and it will save a ton of money for the business owners.”

Under the bill, the fee for the medallion needed to install the food waste dumpster would be lower than for a regular dumpster.

Officials estimate the city generates about 150,000 tons of food waste each year.  The bill now goes to the mayor, who is expected to sign it.