By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s not just you at risk from frostbite in the bitter cold — your pet is just as susceptible. And there are other dangers out there as well.

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Dr. Robert Lawrie with VCA Old Marple animal hospital in Springfield warns to limit dog walks in the extreme cold, and keep cats indoors — they can suffer thermal injuries.

“If you’re feeling the effects of the cold yourself, then you can assume your pets are probably pretty cold themselves and feeling it as well,” Lawrie says.

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He says there is a chance of caustic injury from the chemicals used to melt snow as well. “If you have been walking your dog and come back in, try to wash their feet off and the hair on their bellies as well, to try to remove as much of the chemicals as possible,” he says.

Older animals or ones that have joint or agility problems are prone to slipping and injury this time of year.

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Make sure to keep your pet off of frozen bodies of water — there’s always a risk they could fall through.