By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Phillies pitchers and catchers begin workouts on Thursday, the same day single-game tickets go on sale. But those tickets are in a lot less demand these days.

The last-place Phillies drew 2.4 million fans last season — the lowest attendance in the eleven-year history of Citizens Bank Park. It’s a far cry from just five years ago when nearly 3.8 million packed the park to cheer a team that was winning five straight division titles.

“Obviously our sales environment is much different than it’s been,” says Phils VP for tickets John Weber. “And that’s the up and down nature of working in the sports environment. But we’re fortunate working in the city of Philadelphia with our passionate fans. We know what we have to do to get ’em back.”

Weber says the season ticket base, which peaked at 27,000 during the glory days, is showing a further decline this season over last:

“We’re dropping from 17,500 (in 2014) down to somewhere around 13, 14,000, in that area. We understand the product wasn’t as exciting. Seventy-three wins, we get that.”

Weber points out the Park itself remains an attraction, and he’s hoping fans will want to come out to see the team’s younger players in 2015.

He adds spring training sales are solid, but that seats are available.