By Stephanie Stahl

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Just in time for Valentine’s Day,  a new study on successful online dating.  Certain words are more likely to lead to love, others are a turn-off –  the Internet’s ABC’s of love.

The screen name Fun2bwith has universal appeal. It’s playful and starts with a letter in the top of the alphabet, which is most important according to the new research on successful online dating.  “Human nature is such that we consider things at the top of the pile as being of high value,” says Professor Khalid Khan with Queen Mary University in London. He analyzed more than 80 studies to determine the best way to find love in the digital world.  Professor Khan says, “Women appear to like intelligence and bravery far more, whereas men appear to like physical attraction.”

Ok, so some things never change, even with digital dating. Here’s how it translates online: men are more attracted to descriptions like “blondie and cutie”. Women like men who say they’re “cultured”.

The study found that people are naturally drawn to words that are easy to remember and pronounce. Ease of information processing increases like-ability.

What about turn offs?  The lovelorn should avoid names like “little” or “bug”. They carry negative connotations. Being positive pays off and instead of saying you’re hilarious, the study says, using subtle, clever humor is more attractive.  “Yes, these concepts are also true for person to person interaction,” Professor Khan says.

And when it comes to photos, genuine smiles that crinkle up the eyes get more responses. The new research that also found women who wear red and tilt their head just a little get more attention from men.

Stephanie Stahl