PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Those of you who would rather spend Valentine’s Day with a four-legged friend than someone who, um, speaks are not alone.

A new survey of 3,000 “dog parents” across the country claims that 39% of unmarried women polled would rather have a doggy date than spend time with a romantic partner on Valentine’s Day. When men were asked, 23% said the same. Overall, 20% of humans favored canines over other members of their species.

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And when it comes to animals and the attractiveness of opposite sex, 59% of men polled said they’d seek out a woman who had a dog, while a whopping 66% of women said they’d want a man with a mutt. And more than half of those polled said they’d want a partner who treated his or her dog like a member of the family.

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Another takeaway: Pennsylvanians love their pups. The state came in 11th on the list of states that love their dogs the most.

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