By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — College students made science fun this weekend with hands-on experiments at Drexel University.

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Kids learned from college students at the 5th annual Philly Materials Science and Engineering Day.

“Seeing our students, both undergraduate and graduate students be able to explain a concept, both at the level of say, a 7-year-old and at the level of an adult,” says Drexel associate professor Dr. Christopher Weyant. “What we’re doing here is providing over 30 hands-on demonstrations for kids and adults to come learn a bit about what materials science and engineering is.”

He says students set up a variety of experiments to teach kids about the properties of everyday materials.

“We have demos that are grouped into five different themes: sports, health, energy, communication and Earth,” Weyant says. “Everything around us is made from something and somebody had to decide what material to use.”

What did 7-year-old Nasree learn?

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“When the water hits the butterfly wing, it glides off.”

Kuznits: “And what did you learn from that?”

“That the butterfly doesn’t get wet!”

13-year-old Rose learned about all kinds of materials, including oobleck.

“Oobleck is a mixture of cornstarch and water,” she said, “and it’s like a non-Newtonian substance.”

Kuznits: “I see somebody’s been paying attention.”

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“Yeah! So if you hit it hard it’s solid,” Rose added, “but then if you hit it soft it’s a liquid.”