By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Joe Schulle, president of Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Local 22, revealed for the first time details about an investigation by the Philadelphia Inspector General into allegations into on-duty sex among male members and a female member at firehouses and inside at least one fire department vehicle.

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Schulle at a mid-morning press conference stated that 7 members would be disciplined for violating departmental policies. He added only one of the members is being accused of sexual activities while on duty, 8 others cited in the IG’s report won’t face reprimands.

The union claims the female member, whose attorneys declined comment, was coerced by the city into making the original allegations and, Schulle adds he’s upset to learn, after filing an EEOC complaint, she could face discipline from the department in the future.

Schulle says the IG’s report indicates that fire officials were aware of the sexual conduct allegations long before the IG’s investigation was initiated. He also claims the city’s refusal to release the entire IG’s report to the union indicates the city may be trying to hide larger, systemic failures by disciplining lower ranking members.

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City officials say they won’t have any comment until disciplinary proceedings are completed.

Administrative hearings for the 7 disciplined members are expected to begin within the next two weeks.

If penalties are imposed, Schulle says, they could range from written reprimands to termination.

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