By Cleve Bryan

By Cleve Bryan

UPPER DARBY, Pa., (CBS) — Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says in 50 years policing he’s only seen victims turn the tables on their attackers about a half dozen times. But Wednesday that’s exactly what happened in Cobbs Creek Park.

“Guy pulled what he thought was a real gun on him, demanded his money and there was a struggle, a fight for the gun, and he pulled his gun out and shot the guy,” said Superintendent Chitwood.

Police say the robbery suspect who ended up fatally shot in the head is 18-year-old Tyler Williams from West Philadelphia.

He had no prior criminal history and was carrying a metal pellet gun that looked like a semi-automatic pistol, according to police.

“Dealt with the family last night, and obviously it’s an 18-year-old son that’s dead, but they were very cooperative,” said Chitwood.

The victim didn’t want to talk to Eyewitness News today but Chitwood says he feels sad.

“He was very remorseful and wish it hadn’t happened and I and other detectives told him you did nothing wrong,” said Chitwood.

People in the community agree.

“It was self defense so I can understand it.”

“If I was the older guy I probably would have done the same thing straight up,” said Fred Williams of Upper Darby.

Williams’ family also did not want to talk with Eyewitness News today. Police say they’re trying to locate and interview his friend, as of now they believe Williams was the only person involved in the attempted robbery.

The 67-year-old victim went home from the hospital today after experiencing chest pain from the incident.