By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The National Woman’s Health Study has yet another good reason to keep the weight off.

The report has been featured as part of documents from the American Stroke Association. It examined results and it found that obesity is clearly linked to more strokes in women ages 35 to 54. In a five year period, almost 2% of women in this age group reported having a stroke. This is a very important number.

Two percent may not seem like a big number but if you are the one who suffers the stroke it can be life altering.

They also found the increase in stroke risk was mostly associated with abdominal obesity.

Women’s waists averaged nearly 1.6 inches longer in the later years of the study. Their average body mass index had also increased.

Men and women tend to gain weight as they age and, for both sexes, it has now been shown that the risk of stroke increases with this weight gain.

Another reason to try and keep the weight off.