By Kristina Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you’ve ever visited Chaucee Stillman’s blog, Streets and Stripes, then the first thing you probably noticed was the stunning photographs. From food, to books, to streets, Chaucee’s photos encapsulate the beauty of the City of Brotherly Love.

Chaucee says she launched her blog when she started college in the fall of 2008. “It was fun to connect with people with shared interests across the country. Plus, I had already been through the days of Xanga, Angelfire, Dairyland (anyone remember Dairyland?!) so blogging seemed like a natural next step.”

Her blog documents not only her favorite spots in the city, but also more personal things such as new food and and drink recipes she is trying out, and what books she is reading.

chauceecocktail (2)

(credit: Chaucee Stillman)


“I’m a bit of a book nerd, so I read a lot. One of my favorite columns on my blog is called “On My Nightstand” where I discuss my current reads. “On The Table” is another series where I share simple food and drink recipes. In addition to that, I also write about life in Philadelphia – anything from weekend trips to “Philly Favs” which highlight my favorite spots in the city.”

As for her absolute favorite city spot? “I’m a sucker for Race Street Pier. It looks good no matter the season or time of day.”

But it’s not just the looks of Philly that she loves, it’s the opportunities. “We’re going through a renaissance of sorts and it’s exciting to be in a city that’s coming alive in a whole new way.”

Speaking of opportunities, Chaucee says blogging has opened up a plethora of doors for her. “It’s provided some awesome opportunities, from working with Glamour Mag, to becoming the Skype Photography Ambassador, having a Sony photo exhibit downtown and more. It’s also connected me with lots of cool artists in the city – other bloggers, photographers, makers and writers.”

For more information, visit Chaucee’s blog, or check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.