By Diana Rocco

RADNOR TWP., Pa., (CBS) – A very close call for a 12-year-old boy.

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A bullet comes through his bedroom wall just feet from where he was sleeping.

This happened on Bryn Mawr Avenue in Radnor Township.

“It’s scary, but it’s crazy,” said Zachary Marino.

Twelve-year-old Zach Marino is talking about the bullet that blew through his bedroom wall, ricocheted off his closet door and landed on the floor early last Thursday morning while he was sleeping just feet away.

I just like looked around and I saw nothing so I just went back to sleep,” he said.

“It sounded like something had hit the house very loud,” said Zachary’s mother Laura Marino. “We kind of jumped up and my husband got his coat on and he went outside to look around and see if he could see anything.”

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It wasn’t until Zach’s mom was cleaning his room a few days later that she found the bullet and sheet rock particles on the carpet.

“I was just kind of in shock. I brought the bullet to my husband and when I found it on the rug and I just said to him, ‘I don’t even know, is this a bullet?’ You know I’ve never actually held a bullet,” she said.

Two more bullet holes were found on a 320 sign outside the Bryn Mawr Avenue home in Radnor Township. Police now believe someone may have been driving by the house last Thursday shooting at the sign when one of the bullets missed, hitting the house and firing right through Zach’s bedroom wall.

“We’re just grateful that no one did get hurt,” said Zach’s mother.

Zach didn’t want to sleep in his room after he had realized what had happened. But now the family is feeling fortunate and this sixth grader has some words for the shooter.

“It almost murdered a kid. It almost murdered a child because of their recklessness,” he said.

Radnor Police do not believe that the family was targeted, but they are hoping someone in the area might have seen or heard something that would be helpful to them.

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Anyone with information is asked to contact Radnor Township Detectives at 610-688-0503.