By Mike Dougherty

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Winter weather is coming, despite your Super Bowl plans. But PennDOT crews aren’t waiting on the sideline. They’ve already jumped into action.

With more snow, sleet and freezing rain is making its way to the Philadelphia region, prep work for the latest storm began before the weekend with the spraying of salt brine on major roadways.

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“Since today is Super Bowl Sunday, we are encouraging to exercise extreme caution and tolerance tonight,” he says, “because the weather is going to deteriorate.”

He says 177 PennDOT trucks will be assisted by 160 private contractors to make sure roads are safe. But there’s likely going to be more than snow to contend with if you’re venturing out late night.

“Various municipalities and the state police will be conducting DUI checkpoints and roving patrols,” Metzger warns.

He says, as always, drivers should be mindful of their surroundings and keep a safe following distance, especially in inclement weather.