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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new burger joint is opening Monday (February 2nd) at the Reading Terminal Market.   Co-owner George Mickel says his third and newest venture, “Hunger Burger,” has a philanthropic approach.

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“Eight years ago we went on a missions trip to El Salvador,” he tells What’s Cooking.  “It just changed our lives forever.  So we always had the idea that if we ever had a chance to do another business, we would like to give back.”

Hunger Burger will be serving up burgers, shakes, fries, breakfast sandwiches, and select sides.

“For every burger that we sell, we’re gonna take a portion of that sale and feed a child,” Mickel explains.

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Meanwhile, the Shops at Liberty Place is preparing for its first-ever “pop-up” beer garden, scheduled to run February 14th through March 8th, coinciding with the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Jade Barnes, marketing coordinator for the Shops at Liberty Place, says the indoor beer garden is being operated in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which runs the flower show.

(Jade Barnes, at the Shops at Liberty Place.  Photo provided)

(Jade Barnes, at the Shops at Liberty Place. Photo provided)


“So, of course, the garden has to be created,” Barnes says, “and we’re partnering with Hoffman Designs.  They are going to be creating an Old Hollywood theme that’s going to be fitting the theme of the Flower Show, which is ‘Lights, Camera, Bloom.’  And then there’s going to be an enclosed space for the beer garden.”

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And what should you set out for your Super Bowl party?   Jason Cichonski, owner-chef at The Gaslight, at 120 Market Street in Old City, says you’ve gotta have wings.

“Everybody kind of needs wings for the Super Bowl,” he says.

(Jason Chichonski.  Photo provided)

(Jason Chichonski. Photo provided)

(Kuznits:)  “What is it about wings and the Super Bowl?”

(Chichonski:)  “I just think it’s a fun finger food.  It’s easy, everybody knows what it is.  Nobody doesn’t like chicken. It’s simple.”

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