By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The fight over last-minute nominations and an appointment made by former Governor Corbett continued Tuesday as the State Senate Rules Committee advanced more than a dozen Corbett nominations that have been recalled by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.

On Monday Senate Republicans filed a lawsuit, arguing that Governor Wolf had no authority to fire the Director of the Office of Open Records, who was appointed by former Governor Corbett in his final days in office.

Tuesday, the Senate Rules Committee advanced Corbett nominations to the board of the State System of Higher Education and other posts, over the objections of Democrats like Vincent Hughes of Philadelphia.

“The new governor must have a chance to put together his own team, reflecting his victory,” said Hughes.

But Republican Jake Corman, the Senate majority leader, said the move was in keeping with the state constitution.

“You know, if we want to change the constitution and have the new governor start the day after the election, we can do that, and we won’t run into this problem,” Corman said.

In the case of Open Records, the Wolf administration claims the director serves at the pleasure of the governor; Senate Republicans say the law was written otherwise.