By Mark Abrams

By Mark Abrams

ROYERSFORD, Pa. (CBS) — Timing, as they say, is everything. It was a fast-moving storm that swept through Philadelphia and its western suburbs on Saturday morning, causing a variety of conditions along roadways.

The bulk of the snow fell overnight, dropping as much as 3-5 inches across northwestern Montgomery County and Chester County. But, by dawn, it changed to rain and road crews were able to get a good jump on conditions clearing the snow from not only the major arteries, but many of the side streets, as well.

With shovel in hand, some residents were up early, doing the same to the sidewalks and driveways outside their homes.

“It’s kind of the first time I’ve really had to do it and I can feel it in the bottom of my back for sure,” said Greg, who lives along Main Street near Anderson Avenue in Phoenixville. “I keep contemplating is this the most ergonomic shovel for me? I keep thinking I need a snow blower. Pretty soon, I’ll make that investment.”

While the storm probably wasn’t a welcome site to the many waking up across the Delaware Valley, for plow and salt truck operators, this type of weather was long overdue.

“I’ve been to Royersford, I’ve been to Limerick, been to Collegeville, Trooper, just about everywhere,” said Nathan, a plow/salt-truck driver for a contractor on Perkiomenville. “We’ve been definitely waiting for something for a while now. I mean, it’s been a really boring winter. This is probably the most excitement I’ve seen all year. I haven’t really gotten to plow that much. It’s just a lot of salting.”

And with snow in the forecast again for Sunday night into Monday, more plowing and more shoveling will likely be necessary.