3:00 President Obama gave his State of the Union Address last night to Congress.

3:02 There were five Republican responses to the President’s State of the Union Address.

3:08 President Obama’s line, telling Republicans he won both of his elections, received mixed reviews.

3:16 Vice-President Joe Biden weighed in on the controversy of the deflated balls in the AFC Championship Game.

4:01 Meteorologist John Bolaris fired a staffer for getting Saturday night’s forecast wrong.

4:16 Rich talks to Chris Chase from USA Today, who says the Patriots should be disqualified from the Super Bowl.

4:48 The Justice Department is moving to clear Ferguson Police Office Darren Wilson of any civil rights charges.

4:52 New Jersey is moving quickly to pass a bill banning incest.

5:03 A federal court has ruled you are allowed to flip off police.

5:09 During the State of the Union, President Obama touted a program during World War II that provided free child care.

5:33 Rich talks to Kay Hymowitz from the Manhattan Institute about her piece in National Review, “How Should Conservatives Think About Family Leave?”