By Larry Kane
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Benny entertained a small group recently at the KYW Newsradio studios.  He was folding an origami frog — that jumps.

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“I fold it again, like this,” he described.  “I press it down…”

And then, a sudden chorus of wows as his creation hops a foot off the table.

(Benny.  Photo by Tim McLaughlin)

(Up it goes!  Photo by Tim McLaughlin)


He says he learned the art of paper-folding from a friend:

“I can make a frog, a dog, a cat.”

Origami is just one of this 11-year-old’s many interests, which also include sports, art, science, and taking care of some unusual pets.  What’s the most unusual?

“Tarantula,” he says immediately.  “I had one once.  And they keep the bugs out, because they eat the bugs.”

(Benny.  Photo by Tim McLaughlin)

(Benny, at the KYW Newsradio studios. Photo by Tim McLaughlin)

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Benny says he wants a family that will be very involved in all of his interests.

“I would like people that pretty much have art stuff, because I like to do art.”

(Kane:)  “You have a great personality, Benny.”

(Benny:)  “I know (laughing).”


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