3:00 Penn State and the NCAA have reached an agreement to reinstate the wins taken away from Joe Paterno in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

3:33 Flights from the US to Cuba will be available shortly, including from Newark, NJ.

3:48 Secretary of State John Kerry brought singer James Taylor to Paris to sing, You’ve Got a Friend In Me.

4:01 Yuengling beer has been banned from incoming Governor Tom Wolf’s inaugural ball.

4:04 Rich talks with State Senator Jake Corman about the agreement between Penn State and the NCAA to restore the wins taken away from Joe Paterno after the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

4:39 Singer Rick Springfield got emotional at a trial involving his butt hitting a woman in the head.

5:01 Rich talks to Darpana Sheth from the Institute of Justice about the Justice Department’s decision to the use of civil asset forfeiture by local and state authorities.

5:20 Next year’s Phillies roster will see the largest payroll drop in baseball.

5:40 President Obama and David Cameron held a joint press conference on Iranian nuclear sanctions and the West’s response to terrorism.

5:50 A QVC host and her guest argued over whether the Moon is a star or a planet.