By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A student and young entrepreneur at Penn’s Wharton School has won a major award.

“I was so humbled, to be honest,” says Wharton junior Aaron Goldstein after being named Entrepreneur magazine’s “College Entrepreneur of the Year.”

He won for developing a smart thermometer called “Fever Smart.”

The wearable device has a computer chip in an adhesive bandage which, Goldstein says, can help parents keep tabs on a sick child’s fever.

“You can use the Fever Smart device to monitor their temperature remotely at night,” he explains.  “And you can get an alert on your smartphone if their temperature starts to rise, and that way you’ll know to intervene.”

The 20-year-old West Palm Beach, Fla. native raised $63,000 through crowdfunding to manufacture the Fever Smart.   He’s been taking pre-orders ( for the $129 device and hopes to begin shipping later this month.

Goldstein says Fever Smart can also be used to monitor health workers treating Ebola patients, or to keep track of the temperatures of soldiers in combat.

He says he’s honored by the award and its $5,000 prize, but Goldstein says he’s still studying behavioral economics and risk management, and that Fever Smart is not his full-time job… yet.