3:00 The University of Virginia has reinstated the fraternity accused of gang rape in a Rolling Stone article.

3:37 Rich talks to Jim Steyer from Common Sense Media about the Student Privacy Protection Act.

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3:58 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie delivered his State of the State Address today.

3:59 Christie held a one hour meeting with national reporters in advance of the speech, but did not invite the local New Jersey press.

4:02 Mitt Romney is signalling that he intends to run for President again in 2016.

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4:16 Rich talks with Christine Flowers about the negotiations between Penn State and the NCAA to alleviate some of the sanctions that have been levied against the school.

4:32 Rolling Stone has posted a video of Matthew McConaughey audition for Dazed and Confused.

4:37 Flying cars are a reality in 2015.

MORE NEWS: Baby Formula Shipment On Way To Nestle Facility Outside Allentown

4:47 CNN replaced the host of ‘New Day,’ Kate Bolduan, while she was on maternity leave.