By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (12th district) told WPHT morning host Chris Stigall about his plans to try and impeach Attorney General Kathleen Kane for not fulfilling her responsibilities.

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“There is a difference, I think, between a woman and a lady, and I would say that the AG is a woman…We watched the attorney general last year just ignore and decide not to comply with the Constitution and the duties that are prescribed for her to take care of under law. She’s required to defend the constitutionality of all legally enacted laws in the state of Pennsylvania…She’s not fulfilling those duties, and so she should be impeached.”

Metcalfe feels that Kane’s impeachment should take place independent from the outcome of the grand jury.

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“The attorney general is failing the citizens of this state, and regardless of the current situation with the grand jury, the attorney general does not deserve sitting in that office. And the controversies that she’s created since being attorney general, and the way that she’s just said that she will not fulfill the duties of her office really require an action by the legislature to remove her, which is impeachment if she is not removed by her own resignation or through some other proceeding.”

While he is unsure the kind of timeline that it will require, Metcalfe only hopes that the rest of Pennsylvania legislator sees it the same way that he does.

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“I think last year’s incidents should be enough for the legislative bodies to come to the conclusion that this attorney general is not a prosecutor but a politician…The legislature needs to embrace their constitutional duty to deal with elected officials who are not carrying the duties of their office and are misbehaving in office. I think that’s something that’s not used very often, and I think that a lot of legislators shy away from even thinking about using it, because it hasn’t been successful in so many cases.”