By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many high school seniors were not happy on the holidays because they got bad news from their first choice colleges – those with the highest rankings on the US News & World Report rankings and highest rejection rates.

They should read the article in The Washington Post with references to major studies that show little correlation between financial success and the selectivity of one’s college for those with persistence, imagination and energy.

They do well wherever they get their degrees.

Mathews points to the values of public universities, Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State, with high acceptance rates (not just their football prowess) but their masses of academically ambitious students, good facilities, extracurricular activities and large numbers of foreign students.

He makes a good case – their lower costs and less admissions stress and points to the alma maters of our political and business leaders, far more from state universities.

Read more of these convincing arguments in The Washington Post.