5:30am- Jeff Bolton is filling in for Chris. He starts the show off by discussing the latest developments in the disappearance of AirAsia flight 8501. According to reports, rescue officials believe that the plane crashed and is now “at the bottom of the sea.” 

5:45am- Jeff says he’s sick of the media continually twisting stories and making everything about race. He can’t believe the nation isn’t more outraged over the assassination of two New York City police officers.

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6:00am- Two army captains had to relocate their wedding from the 16th hole at Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Hawaii so that President Obama could play a round of golf over vacation. Jeff finds it maddening that the President would be that insensitive and self-centered.

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6:30am- We go to the phones. Jeff hears from a particularly memorable caller named Steve. 12.30.14 Jeff Bolton- Caller Steve

7:00am- Jeff continues his discussion about violence against police officers. He believes the media has inaccurately portrayed our society as being overrun by bad cops.

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8:00am- National Political Reporter for Real Clear Politics Scott Conroy checks in to talk about the latest CNN poll that has Jeb Bush as the Republican front runner for 2016. Scott also discusses potential dark horse presidential candidates for both political parties.