By Cleve Bryan

By Cleve Bryan

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., (CBS) — Despite the city’s economic woes, according to, Atlantic City is one of the most expensive places in the country to getaway for New Year’s Eve.

A survey by the company found the average room in Atlantic City at $350, making it second only to New Orleans at $358.

They say because of normally low weekday prices Atlantic City has the highest percentage price increase at 586 percent.

According to local experts the reason a town that lost almost 10,000 jobs along with four casinos in the last 12 months can get so much for rooms is that it’s a great place to find a party on New Year’s Eve.

There’s so much more entertainment here, there’s gaming 24-7, there’s liquor 24-7, there are people who have rewards programs and people just want to get away,” says Jeff Guaracino, chief strategy officer for the Atlantic City Alliance.

On New Year’s Eve clubs and ballrooms will be packed as casinos try to give a top notch experience to invited guests from their rewards programs.

Employees at Caesars were busy Tuesday setting up “a Night of Extravagance” with rose decorations and live entertainment.

To accommodate the rest of the crowd who wants to join the party, non-casino hotels in town like the Claridge are near capacity and have their own activities.

“We’re so excited about New Year’s Eve, it’s our first one under our new ownership. The new Claridge Hotel has six events going on all at one time,” says Sherry Amos, vice president of marketing for the Claridge.

DJ dance parties and elegant meals are approaching capacity in advanced ticket sales.

“This is to me the future of Atlantic City. It’s a free-standing hotel, no casino attached to it and so far it’s going to be a very successful New Year’s Eve,” says Al Maiorani, co-owner of The Twenties restaurant at the Claridge.

While 2014 will go down as a year Atlantic City has been down on its luck businesses are glad to end on a prosperous note.


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