It's another busy day as shoppers spend their gift cards and return those presents that don't fit.By Mike DeNardo

By Mike DeNardo and Justin Finch 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s a day of rest for Santa Claus. But for retailers, it’s another busy day as shoppers spend their gift cards and return those presents that don’t fit.

Retailers are slashing prices 50, 60, 70 percent to clear out holiday merchandise. At the Macy’s in Center City, Debbie Fitzgerald of Overbrook says she got a great deal.

“The nativity set was $280 and I got it for like, $70,” she said. “So that’s a big savings.”

Deb Scott was happy with the price she paid for a pair of shoes, “I saved $25.”

But Bob Stratton of Pottstown wasn’t looking for bargains when he bought three pair of blue socks. “I don’t know how much was off. They just had a sign that was very confusing and I just needed blue socks,” he said.

All Friday morning and evening, shoppers, and their bags, came and went about the halls of the Cherry Hill Mall.

“Crowds are very big, the parking lot very crowded,” said Bob Falconiero, who came out to the mall with his wife and daughter.

The Falconiero family, like thousands of other shoppers, were back at the malls the day after Christmas to unload some gifts for some new ones.

“I had to return about six or seven things,” Falconiero said.

The post-Christmas scene looks a lot the chaotic holiday shopping days before it with it’s sale signs and foot traffic, but shoppers said it doesn’t feel the same.

“Black Friday is crazier,” said Alanna Golloto. “This is a good day to come out today.”

Local malls and big box stories opened early to welcome shoppers.

“Seems like you get better deals after Christmas, from what I see,” added Loretta Thomas-Berry

When shoppers said they were seeing some big sales, their eyes were not deceiving them. Big brands like Macy’s and The Gap rolled big mark downs. Some were as high as 65 percent off.

“Also in a store like Dynamite, I got like three shirts there for like $20,” said Rachel Borow, who joined her friends to make returns and shop.

Other shoppers were bringing bags into the store, returning those gifts that weren’t included on the Christmas lists.

The National Retail Federation estimates nearly 40% of consumers will have something to return to stores this season.

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